Home Theater On A Budget: Top 40 Best Projector Under 1000 For 2020

If you are getting bored of watching movies on the small screen of your TV or your tablets, going for a projector is likely to be a brilliant solution. Best projector under 1000 not only allows you to bring a mini movie theater to your home, but they are also an indispensable device for your work. 

However, it’s not that easy to find the projector at this price range that offers technical factors of other high-end models. Hence, topgobuy decided to create the selection of top Top 40 Best Projector which come at the price of less than $1000. There are up to 40 products with amazing features and design on our list.

Best 5 Projector Under 1000 Comparison 2020

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Top 40 Best Projector Under 1000 Reviews In 2020

Optoma HD20 is a value for the money. The projector offers versatile use from Blu-ray player, Xbox games, satellite to entertainment apps such as iTunes, Apple TV or Netflix. This device may pull out a considerable amount of heat compared to other rivals. The fan noise is not very noticeable which just exists for about 30 seconds before it turns off to cool down the bulb faster. 

The contrast figure and lumens is quite great at this price, but what may bother you is that  the projector would occasionally not synchronize with the HDMI input signal. However, the Vibrant high-quality images and videos are likely to satisfy you.

The Optoma HD26 has the ability to present well-lit and clearer images even if there is some sheer light in the room from 13 feet away from the screen. It also may take quite a long time to be attached to the ceiling mount, the color accuracy and contrast seems to do a good job. 

Besides the visual quality, it also features a 10watts built-in speaker for ample surround audio effect. Compared with the SD version, this is a great upgrade which comes at an in-reach price range. Warmup before working takes about 2 minutes and once it projects a full picture on the screen, no interval or sudden shut-off irritates you for smooth experiences.

This Epson Home Cinema 725HD is an outstanding option for video streaming and home cinema. This projector offers the resolution of 720p, which means it doesn’t reach full HD quality, the picture it pulls out is sharp and clear. This is attributed partly by the high contrast ratio of 12,000:1 for detailed shadow and deep black effect. 

Moreover, Unless there is a likelihood of light in the room, the 2800 lumens of this projector seems to be adequate. Also, you tend to find it user-friendly, especially the vertical or horizontal keystoning. However, you may need to purchase an external output to drive the sound.

The ViewSonic PJD7720HD projector is able to display in a 300 inches screen with 3200 lumens for light. It can also project pictures and video media in 1080 resolution.  With this deal, it’s not necessary to purchase a sound system separately. The main minus point of this product seems to be the lack of short throw distance which is a quite obstacle for people living in small flats. 

Though you can still hear the fan noise, you can run this unit in your dining room as an alternative as long as you have a large enough wall. Your guests are likely to be impressed with the visual quality. This device is not far behind many aspects such as color or motion compared with a plasma TV. 

The Optoma HD131Xe produces less noise in Eco setting for better users’ experience. Thanks to the BrilliantColor technology, apart from the clear white and black points, several color presets are available with great color saturation. It’s also an ideal device for gaming due to its responsiveness for demanding video games. 

In spite of the absence of lens shift and firm zoom and focus ability, the product supports 3D movies and can run continuously up to 4 hours per day with total bright hours of 6000 in Eco setting and 3500 at bright mode.

This  ViewSonic True 4K Cinematic Colors allows you for theater-like watching experiences. This projector is likely to overcome your expectations. Even with some sources of light within the room, the image is clear. This unit is able to present at the resolution of a 150 inches screen, you also rarely pick out the pixels even when you stand close to the screen. 

Despite a few fan noise, it has a long lamp life and 3-year limited warranty for parts and labor and 1-year of lamp coverage. Also you will find it easy to use and install.

The BenQ TH683 is an epic projector with great vision quality. including color and bright effect. This acts as a huge upgrade from your TV with Full HD 1080p resolution and 3200 ANSI lumen. But as expected, in well-lit rooms, the picture is a bit washed out, so it’s better to use this projector in a dark room. 

When it comes to 3D compatibility, it turns out to be at lower resolution in 3D mode. However, 3D games are still able to perform well as you would be amazed at how vivid a stereoscopic game can appear. Also, it’s possible that you encounter bugs or weird noise with the HDR settings. But that glitch won’t last long.

Next on the list is the BenQ HT1085ST. It’s preferable for the clear and vibrant images it presents, and that could even be better with a high-quality projector screen. You can also watch 3D movies if you pay a bit more for 3D glasses. It may take you hours to do the assembly but the result comes out wonderful. 

Besides, it comes with a decent audio system as if you are in a small theater while still laying on the couch with your friends. Most users love the device for the reason that they don’t have any problem with the rainbow effect or lagging. It’s recommended that you use this unit in a completely dark room or with a curtain for better viewing experiences. The biggest issue to some buyers seems to be the short warranty. 

This Epson Home Cinema 1040 is a decent choice for a projector at this price point. This device is most likely to be used in small workplace and for conference presentations but not for large-scale events. This is because it has a short throw distance at approximately 80-100 inch screen from 10 feet away. 

Though it gives out that it offers 3000 lumens, the actual brightness doesn’t appear to be that lit but may seem more like 2500 lumens. Hence, if you have a small room with almost no light, this should be considered. Besides, the variance of both vertical and horizontal keystoning is wide and correction is a breeze. It might take time to turn on the device after a sudden switch off, the color accuracy and resolution is worth your consideration.

Furthermore, the tent frame is made of sturdy steel material, which can be folded easily. Plus, the tent-rim structure is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber. It helps you to erect them on many other terrain surfaces such as concrete, soil, sand,... without the need for tension.

Besides, to increase resistance in bad weather such as wind, rain, or prevent mosquitoes and insects. The tent has been retrofitted with good waterproof material and a sturdy zipper.

The BenQ TK800 is a handy projector for large screen. It allows you to watch sports or 2D shows and movies with high-quality images. The setup is not very difficult as the focus ring is very responsive and easy to adjust. It also has the capability of color or gamma adjustability as well as brightness control by the remote. 

This projector is not a short throw model and it lacks horizontal keystone correction as well. You may wish the manufacturers to offer control through an application or onboard buttons for improvement of the visual effect.  

BenQ MH733 DLP is an awesome projector to bring a large-screen theatre to your home. Not only does it feature a 1080p HD resolution for vividness and sharpness of every image. Nonetheless, though the specification says that it offers 4000 lumens for lights as well as 16,000:1 contrast ratio, the brightness may not live up to your expectation, together with the color accuracy in general doesn't appear very smooth or correct. To make up for that, even if you cannot place the projector straight in front of the screen, the 2D keystone and ability to fit in a corner allows you to adjust and align the picture without any trouble. Additionally, the projector comes with 15,000 hours long lamp life at a decent price. 

At this price point, the Optoma X316 Full 3D XGA 3200 is a great option. You would love the HDMI and 3D compatibility for convenient sound connection. Though the display resolution is 1024 x 768 which means that it is not 1080p, its image presentation is still acceptable, plus an integrated grid display for easier adjustment after mounting. 

On the other hand, there is no built-in speaker, lens shift setting, and low zoom ratio, its operation is quiet and the device comes with a nice carry case. This projector offers versatile function thanks to multiple settings for the picture display as well as 10,000 hours lamp life that requires little maintenance cost. 

XGIMI H1 is able to project a large screen in true Full HD with movies, gaming in solid images. Moreover, you can watch movies and shows with the compatibility of active 3D vision cutting-edge technology. The built-in speaker enables you to save money from buying an audio source, which all contributes to the theater-like experience. 

Though you may not be content with the irritating fan noise, the digital keystoning is available to make up for it. The durability of this device is decent and is also compatible with external devices like USB 

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If you don’t have a spacious room to set up your home theater, you should opt for a projector with short throw distance which enables you to place the projector close to the screen. As its name suggests, the BenQ HT2150ST Short Throw Projector allows for a 100-inch image with less than 5 feet distance to your wall or screen. Compared to the BenQ HT2050A, the image this projector creates doesn’t have that vivid color accuracy due to the compatibility of the Texas Instruments Brilliant Color DLP color mechanism, the picture quality is quite remarkable when it performs in less light room.

As its name suggests, this BenQ W1080ST 1080p 3D Short Throw enables you to watch a 135-inch screen from the distance of 4 feet away. Compared to the price of a led TV, this unit is much cheaper with 1080p resolution. For some picky people, the not very even focus may be a sheer issue. 

What is more? During the day, the picture may get whitened but in night time that barely happens as the colors are very vibrant and solid. Thus, you should get yourself a dark color curtain. Compared with the W1070, there is no lens shift, but to keep it in place, you can push the rectangular button at the front. 

The Epson Home Cinema 2000 is an epic alternative to the TV for either movies and Netflix watching or gaming. The device seems to last long even coming at a reasonable price. You can also watch 3D films with this amazing projector with an extra fee for the 3D glasses. The image quality is more than enough unless you use it in a bright room but little sunlight is fine.

Meanwhile, there are some things about this projector you need to consider. That includes the fan noise at the normal mode, but changing to the Eco mode would solve that. Also, a meagre problem is the lack of blinker in the remote control 

The BenQ MS527 coming from popular brand BenQ offers a powerful brightness lumens as well as contrast ratio. It’s recommended that you use the Eco mode for automatic monitoring and energy saving. You are also able to readjust the screen size without moving the projector within a wide range.

One of the most spectacular features is the low-noise operation and easy maintenance. Despite the lack of lens shift, the product can be used either in well-lit classrooms or home rooms. 

The Optoma HD66 is considered a power-saving projector which is available at an affordable price. It supports Nvidia's 3D vision software on a PC or other gaming devices. Setup is a breeze with this unit as well as is easy to be carried by hands. 2D images are as terrific as 3D mode on this device thanks to the multitude of brightness.

Additionally, it requires less maintenance or effort with the help of the remote control. Also both vertical and horizontal keystone correction is offered. The only cons is the absence of screen focus adjustment. 

This Epson Pro EX9220 is an ideal projector that can accommodate pretty large home theater rooms or meeting rooms. Thanks to the 3LCD technology, there is no rainbow effect. The projector is compatible with either HDMI, MHL or wireless connection to suit your needs, though the loud noise of the fan seems to be a problem.  

Moreover, it’s one of the best projector under 1000 with a contrast-rich ratio of 15,000:1. It offers an image brightness level of 3,600 lumens so you can watch movies or presentations with much more accurate and vivid colors. With 1080p+ WUXGA resolution, you will be able to realize your home cinema wish at an affordable price. The image adjustments and control over the projector is also a breeze to anyone.

The Optoma EH200ST is not only a lightweight but also an user-friendly best projector under 1000. 3000 Lumen means adequate brightness for the image.The package also includes a carrier bag for convenient mobility of cables and other accessories. This may suit well for classroom use since it has a short throw distance. You can also use a reverse screen to show movies outside. 

Despite presenting the image on a wrinkled wall, nothing can stop this ViewSonic PJD6531w from providing a decent quality of image and color thanks to the 5-segment color wheel and it pulls out a much greater visual effect when used in a plain wall. However, you might have to purchase an epic speaker separately since there is none coming with this unit. The fan automatically turns off and cools down quickly for the needs of on-to-go presenters and busy users. 

Even if you combine this LG Electronics PB63U with an uneven wall, it is able to project images with high sharpness and vividity for home rooms or business use. The unit also comes with a useful carrying bag to store stuff. You can use a power cord to connect the projector with an external audio system since this projector doesn’t offer one. Moreover, 30,000 hours of lamp life is given which means 4 hours of utility per day. 

This Optoma HD39HDR has the ability to project high-quality images with the feature of 4000 lumens of brightness as well as higher contrast ratio of 32,000:1. Users, as a result, are offered amazing visual effects of games and movies. However, drawbacks of this projector includes the long throw distance, the absence of zoom ring, and keystone adjustability. Hence, this is more suitable for larger rooms that offer longer distance from the screen like a dynamic watching party you often join in the backyard or small ceremonies. 

When it comes to the longevity of lamp life, this device offers up to 4 hours of continuous operation per day, which contributes to 15,000 hours of lamp life. This is fantastic compared to best projector under 1000 with lamps that last for merely maximum 7,000 hours. 

Next on the list is the Optoma EH416 which can be used both for private or training purposes even in bright spaces. The brightness is ample thanks to the wide lens range.  The sound from the fan is also not very noticeable to most users. It allows for up to 60 hours of lamp use per month. However, the audio quality through the HDMI connection is not able to live up to users’ expectations, which should have been much louder. 

Even with the absence of the lens cap and connecting cables, the Optoma EH412ST is still a smart choice for teachers who are looking for a projector to support their teaching. This is a solution to help you mitigate the interaction with LED screen. 

This projector can also be used in small rooms thanks to its short throw feature as well as ample ANSI lumens and high contrast ratio. Hence, it can be used in bright rooms and during daytime. It also produces a more natural image compared to the LED screen. 

The Optoma ML1000P deserves more attention.With this projector, there is no need of opening the menu to set the volume and it also supports HDMI connection. Fan noise or heat is no longer a problem if you own this device. Additionally, it offers you automatic adjustability of keystoning. 

However, the remote control is not as big as it should be, as a result, a remote with more useful buttons may be handy. Also the audio quality of this device is not very appreciated due to the 3.5 mm output. It’s recommended that you use a shelf hanging to hold the projector instead of mounting it on the ceiling. 

You are likely to find it hassle free to set up this AAXA MP-300-02. The only thing you may put a lot of time and effort into is the adjustment of the image. When it starts working, the image quality is great, the brightness level is clear but not see-through. With an extra apple HDMI connector, you would be able to project slides from your computer. Anyone who loves compact and portable devices will fall in love with this unit due to its small size. However, some users complain about the lack of durability of bulbs and the extra cost they had to pay for replacement. 

The ViewSonic PJD7831HDL is worth more recognition as they can perform amazingly in either office or home theater. The most outstanding feature is the black level and contrast ratio. The product offers horizontal and vertical keystone correction as well as corner adjustment, which is of great convenience. Thanks to the optical zoom feature, the projector can project a very large, clear image. The only drawbacks are that you are required to stand straight in front of the projectors to use the remote and the high cost for lamp renewal.  

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Furthermore, the tent frame is made of sturdy steel material, which can be folded easily. Plus, the tent-rim structure is constructed of lightweight carbon fiber. It helps you to erect them on many other terrain surfaces such as concrete, soil, sand,... without the need for tension.

Besides, to increase resistance in bad weather such as wind, rain, or prevent mosquitoes and insects. The tent has been retrofitted with good waterproof material and a sturdy zipper.

This ASUS F1 LED Projector comes with multiple useful settings and functions that you only find in high-end models. Though the remote is not very well designed for convenient use in the dark, it works fine. Since it supports 3D you may also consider buying a pair of glasses. Besides, the device is able to be compatible with the tiny jack of older HDMI systems, which is great. The picture quality is guaranteed in dark rooms with vibrant and beautiful colors. However, you may not be content with the absence of focus lens as well as the unresponsiveness of the focus ring. 

What would tend to make you choose this Optoma WU416 is its remarkable brightness level regardless of the leakage of light from outside. It also offers 1.6x focus as well as vertical lens cap, though you may wish that more fraction is added to the control of the lens. Since the product is designed for business gaming purposes, you are not exposed to slow video processing or lagging. To present in larger screens, the projector comes with connection ports so as to place the projector against the wall. The quality of the internal speaker can satisfy decent demand. 

The reason that this ViewSonic PJD5353LS is a truly short throw projector means you had better not put it too far from the screen. With 3200 lumens of light, the color and image quality is adequate even when it doesn’t have full HD resolution. You may want to buy an extra high-quality speaker for better audio output. When it comes to business references, the device is lightweight and portable enough to move around. However, you cannot connect this device wirelessly through application store. 

Though some customers complain about the shorter lamp life compared to what is written in the specification section, if you don’t use it often, that wouldn’t be a serious problem. The picture quality is awesome with vivid image presentation because of the variety of video modes. That there is no USB or HDMI compatibility is quite a trouble that you may want to consider.

The general performance of this Epson Home Cinema 740HDwhich is certified Refurbished is great even though it doesn’t come with full HD resolution. The product comes in a nice-look and compact design. The video quality this projector presents is decent, especially when it’s getting darker. However, HDMI or fiber audio compatibility is not offered and the speaker is not loud enough. 

This XGIMI Halo Smart Mini Projector comes in a portable unit. With excessive light life up to about 10 years, which means 8 hours per day, you would be impressed by the high-quality and brightness this unit offers despite running on battery. The small size still brings you great image and sound thanks to the 2 Harman Kardon speakers for provision of engaging sound in a large room. 

On the other hand, the projector itself does not feature lag-free streaming since you may suffer from a few seconds pause. Also, despite the advancement, Netflix is not available for some reason, instead, Disney is compatible.

This Epson PowerLite 1776W offers you a package of fast assembly, portability, high luminosity and color accuracy. With this item, you wouldn’t be much bothered by fan noise. Additionally, the product allows for wireless connection to your tablet by switching to the wifi mode. To save your time and effort, it features corner setup and automatic keystoning for easier control and adjustment. This would work better with a large and tall projector screen.

Compared to other models on our list, the XGIMI H2 may not be able to pull out such high-quality and dynamic images. However, the 16W duo speakers contribute to the theater-like audio effect, together with the MEMC Technology that allows for gaming and sport watching 

Additionally, the unit features the automatic lens cap means self-opening and closing when H2 is turned on and off, plus an automatic Keystone Correction. The biggest problems you may have to deal with is the presence of flickering horizontal lines sometime on the screen. Nonetheless, It's a decent deal for accommodation of a 100 inch screen at a quite reasonable price. A feasible solution to make a great difference in the visual quality is to get a proper display screen.

The Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector is designed as 4K UHD support. It may be a hussle if you try to mount it on the ceiling since it may take you quite a long time for all the assembly. Beside is the compatibility of a 6-segment color wheel which allows for higher color accuracy. 

However, for picky users, it’s not very pleasant with the rainbow effect on this projector. Yet buying the nvidia shield is also a creative solution to this issue. When it comes to convenient image adjustment, the vertical keystone correction comes in handy

The Epson Home Cinema 2040 offers a terrific contrast ratio up to 35000:1 so that it can project realistic and smooth images. Furthermore, it features a built-in speaker for provision of amazing audio for your presentation. For users’ better experience, it comes with MPEG noise reduction so that you wouldn’t be bothered. 

Besides, rainbow effect is no more thanks to the application of the 3LCD technology. Though it uses merely 2200 lumens of white brightness as well as 2000 lumens of color brightness, the image manages to look vibrant and crisp. The Epson 2040 does not have mouse control compared to the 1040 version and it has 2 HDMI ports. However, there are play and pause buttons on the 2040’s remote which you cannot find in the 1040.

This Optoma projector comes in a compact unit but is able to perform well. It is an advanced 1080p Projector for home theater featuring 3200 lumens as well as a good contrast ratio of 25000:1. Though the DLP chip results in a white section referring to brighter white points, which may not satisfy picky users. 

Besides, it offers audio input/output for clear and And for the pictures to be accompanied successfully by a clear, fascinating sound quality. It’s recommended that you set the mde to Reference for more accurate and natural images when you don’t use it to watch movies. Also you should use the Magenta Grid for better eyes focusing

Know-how: Choosing Best Projector Under 1000

Contrast Ratio 

Contrast ratio is one of the two most significant aspects you must consider before making the deal. It is the difference in luminance between the brightest shade and the darkest shade. A high contrast ratio defines dark blacks and bright whites, while a low contrast ratio refers to a paler image, or in other words, more gray-looking blacks. Not every projector at this price point tends to have an absolute contrast ratio, but there are several ones that are definitely better than others.

To measure the contrast ratio exactly, reading the specification is no use. Instead, you can only get to know that from reviews on Amazon or a simpler way is to read our detailed information. To be more specific, the ratio greater than 1,000:1 is good at this price range. Otherwise, you must pay for a bit more to get ratios as high as 5,000:1, but only when examined in complete darkness. 


Brightness which is also called light output, is of the second importance while checking a projector after contrast ratio. The light output decides not simply how lit the image is but also the largest dimension of an image the projector can create. This is due to the fact that image brightness weakens once the image size extends. And more necessarily, it determines the screen type you can use. If your home theater room isn’t completely in darkness, you had better go for best projector under 1000 that provides more lumens: The presence of light in the room means that you won’t get a higher contrast ratio, so faint brightness is more beneficial. 

Best Projector Under 1000

It’s fine to read the measurement on the product specification but never believe it completely since the realistic usage of the projector may be not as accurate as what the manufacturer says. In fact, It’s believed that 1,000 lumens is the ideal brightness for a 100-inch image, then you should search for a projector offering at least 2,000 lumens so that you have ample room.

Color Precision

The next factor is color accuracy which is also of importance.This means that everything you see on the projector screen will look more realistic and vivid. Certain projectors don’t have the ability to pull out fully saturated colors, and they tend to produce duller colors, especially yellow and red. Beside the projectors, the matched screen you pick also will have a considerable impact on color accuracy; without a neutral white screen, the results might be less likely to be accurate.

Best Projector Under 1000

All in all, the contrast ratio determines how good the image seems, and brightness refers to how large an image you can present so that the images would not look washed out.


Or keystone correction comes as a handy feature in case you use your best projector under 1000 at an angle to your screen, not opposite to the screen or not something that is possible to happen in your home theater, but especially, you have intention to move your projector around. Keystoning adjusts the presentation of the image so that it shows up rectangular and non-distorted when it is presented on the screen. Correcting keystone can be done manually, though the majority of advanced DLP and LCD projectors the rectification is done automatically by an algorithm. The amount of correction variance is wide between different models, from 12 degrees to the maximum of 35 degrees.

Best Projector Under 1000


You may take this as a familiar aspect when it comes to other digital devices, but this is a much more crucial factor in a projector than anything else. It’s understandable to wish for a full 1080p projector, so you can create wide, vivid images without any visible pixels. Meanwhile, the images produced by a 720p projector tend to be a bit softer, especially when you’re sitting close to the screen, the pixels are visible; it can even create a looking-through-a-screen-door effect. The high-end projectors such as the 4K projectors are available on the market, but they don’t belong to this price point. Merely some projectors costing under $1,000 will be compatible with a 4K signal, but will be likely to decrease the resolution down to 1080p. 

Zoom lens

Apart from image quality, you want to look for features that make assembly a breeze. A zoom lens located around can make it simpler to place the projector inside a room. For the reason that lens shift gives you more flexible control over positioning the projector above or below the screen. Nonetheless, projectors with more lens shift will be more pricey

Best Projector Under 1000

Throw Ratio

If the lens comes with a large throw distance you might not be able to get as enormous an image as you desire. 

The throw distance refers to how far your projector must be so as to create a certain screen size. Specifically, best projector under 1000 with a throw ratio of 2 means that it can create an image at the width of 10-foot wide when it is placed five feet away from the screen. As a result, smaller throw ratios are more recommended since you can project a bigger image despite not having to move the projector far away from the screen. This factor affects considerably in home theaters, where the space is limited so you cannot put the project too far from the screen or the wall. Throw ratios are typically measured as a range as the projector allows a limitation of focus distance for every distance you set.

Screen Size

The projector’s screen dimension is measured by the smallest and largest image sizes that best projector under 1000 can create as remaining at 1920 x 1080 resolution and a clear picture. For that reason, the projector will produce the best-quality picture somewhere within this range. When considering this screen size range, be sure to think about where you are planning to place the projector and whether the wall or screen you already have is large enough for accommodation of the smallest screen size.

Lamp Life

The lamps that these projectors use to project the images on the screen do have a limited lifetime. Projectors’ lamps tend to last for several thousand hours before need replacing,  although some lamps integrated in some luxurious models may last for up to 15,000 hours.

Epilogue: Our Picks For Best Projector Under 1000


BEST FOR Projector Under 1000 for audio quality


BEST FOR Projector Under 1000 for image quality


BEST FOR Projector Under 1000 for short throw distance


BEST FOR Projector Under 1000 for 3D compatibilit

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