24Pcs Christmas Press on Nails Short Square Fake Nails with Sliver Glitter Snowflake Design Glossy False Nails Cute Christmas Nails Acrylic Nails Full Cover Glue on Nails Christmas Nails for Women

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10 reviews for 24Pcs Christmas Press on Nails Short Square Fake Nails with Sliver Glitter Snowflake Design Glossy False Nails Cute Christmas Nails Acrylic Nails Full Cover Glue on Nails Christmas Nails for Women

  1. ActiveChef

    Box contains 24 short brown, nude and white sheer shiny nails with snow motifs printed on, and textured trees and snow. Includes 2 sheets of jelly press on adhesive stickers, mini wooden cuticle stick, mini pink and blue file. To apply: clean nail surface, select size of sticker and affix to nail. I use the cuticle stick is to spread sticker to edges of nails. Peel top plastic film off sticker, then apply nail at an angle to reduce formation of bubbles. Press and hold the nail in place for 10 seconds. Several minutes of warm water can loosen adhesive, I wear gloves when doing dishes.

  2. PhotographyLover617

    Very pretty and subtle Christmas joy
    Good variety in design
    A tad bit on the wider side so you have to file the edges a bit
    No glue included, but has the option of double sided tape glue
    Also includes cuticle pusher, which is a critical step in nails to prevent lifting

  3. Ebony Quinn

    These nails come 24Pcs in the pack. They are Christmas Press on Nails, and they are really cute. The length is Short Square Fake Nails, and the design are with Snowman Design. The style of these nails is French Tips, and the color is Red and Glossy. They are perfect for the Winter and the holiday season. Adults can wear these nails however, if you have wide nails then you might have trouble with them fitting. But they are really cure in person. I love how they are Acrylic Nails, and they will last long.

  4. Ashley Jordan

    I do press on quit often. My go to bran usually being Kiss. I wanted something a little more festive for the holidays though. I thought these would be good. The color isn’t even. They also look like kids press ons. I like my press ons to look like my natural nail painted and these look like I’m wearing plastic. They don’t look as nice as the picture. The sizing is also weird. They are sized really large in my opinion. Hard to find the right one to match my natural nails. Disappointed in this purchase.

  5. Kal

    Ordered these for the holidays since I won’t have time to get my nails professionally done. They arrived well packaged. The nails themselves are really nice and it comes with everything you need to put them on.
    The issue I have is they’re extremely small. I’ve long nail beds and not very wide but there are no nails in the box that fit my thumb or middle finger. I feel like these are perfect size for kids. So bummed I can’t use them.

  6. 2ScamSam

    -nice sturdy set of press/glue on nails. Perfect for use when dressing up, holiday parties, or other special events
    -the presson adhesive tabs are not particularly strong imo but you can use your own glue or adhesive tabs if you have a preferred brand or way to apply fake nails
    -the designs are cute and you can easily mix designs for a pretty look

  7. Ames85

    These Christmas Red Press on Nails in the Short Square style, are cute and festive for the holiday season. I like the red color, mixed with the different holiday designs.
    The only issue I have with these is that they feel a bit flimsy, and I had trouble keeping these on for an extended period of time. I’m going to try some different nail glue, and see if maybe that would help some.
    These are cute for the holidays, and they look pretty. Would be a nice stocking stuffer or gift for someone. 🎄 🎅

  8. mara Lee

    I am having fun with the Christmas nails. These are very pretty and are easy to apply. They take trimming and filing well.

  9. Pengwen500

    Cute nails, the designs and colors are nice and even on each nail, and I didn’t have to do any extra filing of any areas which is great. I can’t really speak to longevity because I only wore them for an event and then took them off because my job doesn’t allow for me to wear fake nails or nail polish, sadly. But I think they would last at least a week or 2 depending on how much wear and tear they go through!

  10. SH

    Cute desing. nail shape is very weird, super thin for being described as acrylic style

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