Acrylic Nail Kit with Prep Dehydrator and Primer, Acrylic Nail Powder and Liquid Kit French Clear Nail Tips Glue Brush DIY Nail Kit with Everything

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10 reviews for Acrylic Nail Kit with Prep Dehydrator and Primer, Acrylic Nail Powder and Liquid Kit French Clear Nail Tips Glue Brush DIY Nail Kit with Everything

  1. felicia johnson

    Easy to you can’t do your nail bye yourself

  2. Amazon Customer

    This kit will work if you need a quick set. The monomer has a different smell, not like other monomers. The acrylic powder doesn’t absorb easily into the monomer on the brush or on the nail plate so you will need to really work with this product. It’s a little difficult.

  3. kaydance

    If your looking for something that will last long then I wouldn’t recommend it but it was great for me when learning how to do nails with cheap products

  4. Kim

    They always leave my packages in the garage. I love it especially on snowy and rainy days. Thank you for being extraordinary with all your deliveries.

  5. Barbara Farris

    Great starter kit for beginners wanting to do their own acrylic nails. Everything you need with easy to understand instructions.

  6. Rox

    Not the best quality. I guess to practice it’s fine but the brush is a bit small and there is not much product.

  7. marilyn landers

    Haven’t used it yet

  8. Kindle Customer

    This set comes with a pretty good amount of powder, the brush isn’t bad either. I am a beginner, learning how to do my own nails at home. This kit was super useful and I think the nails came out really nice. The only problem I had is the monomer, there isn’t a lot of it and it stinks up the whole house. Other than that, everything is really good. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn to do their own nails!

  9. Jennifer Swerdon

    It comes with a very small bottle of monomer. Seems to be good quality but just a very small bottle, and you know those little cups you get with your medicine? It comes with one of those to put the monomer in. The brush wasn’t very good quality (I highly recommend if you’re a beginner to buy a bunch of brushes because you’ll mess up quite a few, atleast i did). The dehydrator and primer are good quality but very small. So is the nail glue and it also comes with a ton of coffin nails clear ones. They’re decent and sturdy but there Are some thin ones in the mix. And lastly it comes with a very small container of pink, clear, and white acrylic powder. Not very good quality they tend to clump up. And leave grainy spots. If you figure out that doing nails are a good fit for you i suggest investing in some better quality monomer and acrylic powder because those are the most important items you need.

  10. Bad acyrlic powder.

    firstly the acrylic powder is awful. after i dipped my brush in the monomer i went to pick up the bead. i noticed however that the bead , didn’t seem to look the same like other acrylic beads. as i was trying to lay the bead on the nail tip , the bead wouldn’t even stick. i had to turn my brush so many directions just for the bead to get on the nail. then as i was trying to swipe the bead down ( mind you i used the same nail tips from this set ) the bead was falling of and i could barely get it to lay straight on the nail. secondly the acrylic powder dries fast ( which i appreciate) but it dries SUPER fast to a point where i have to be rushing just to get the bead to the nail. the acrylic would also dry up in the brush which would just mess up the brush. if that wasn’t the case the brush would be fine. everything else in the set was pretty good, the monomer, the tips, the primer and dehydrator. the worst thing however is that the acrylic powder, the acrylic powder is so bad that i couldn’t use acetone to take it off. i only did two nails but the acrylic powder was stripping off my nail . the acrylic powder is awful.

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