Beetles Gel Nail Kit Soft Gel Nail Tips 500Pcs Medium Coffin Pre Shaped Clear Full Cover False Nails for Gel Art Polish Soak Off Lamp Easy Nail Extensions Acrylic Christmas False Press on Nail Tips

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10 reviews for Beetles Gel Nail Kit Soft Gel Nail Tips 500Pcs Medium Coffin Pre Shaped Clear Full Cover False Nails for Gel Art Polish Soak Off Lamp Easy Nail Extensions Acrylic Christmas False Press on Nail Tips

  1. Mai

    Great nails … love long nails and found these and they are good!! Bought 2 just in case lmao

  2. Kristi Boughter

    After years of nail salon appointments, gel, dip powder and acrylics I decided to give my paper thin nails a break. The problem was that after removing the acrylics my natural nails were so thin and fragile that they kept tearing and breaking which became painful so I decided to try press on nails to cover them up. I read all of the reviews of multiple different brands and have used other Beetles nail products in the past (during Covid when the nail salons were closed) so opted for the B-Castles in the Air set. Initially I was going to simply use the glue which I am more familiar with from my 90s experiences but decided to give the adhesive a go and I couldn’t be happier. I am now 3 days in with zero issues thus far, which is remarkable considering how often my hands are in water and how much wear I place on my hands in my daily routine. The nail techs often comment that they can tell that I wash my hands a lot and am rough on my nails based on the condition of them during my routine fill-ins. I also take baths every day instead of a shower and was concerned considering that the removal instructions state to soak in warm water for only a minute. I do try to be a bit more conscious when bathing and will wear gloves when applying moisturizing oils, but otherwise have not changed much in my daily routine and the adhesive is still going strong. I even decided to try them on my toenails today which took quite a bit more shaping skills to accomplish, so I wish that they made a set specifically for toenails, but am hoping for similarly positive results for my toes.

    One review mentioned how fragile the nails are and they are considerably thinner than acrylics or gel and dip powder, which I love because they are lighter and more natural looking, but if you intend to leave them long I can definitely see where this would be a problem. The description states that they are short but they are quite long in my opinion, but were easy to trim and shape.

    If I can get close to a week out of a set I may mostly forgo salon appointments from here on out. I will probably go for a basic manicure/pedicure since I am not as adept at trimming my cuticles, shaping my nails and smoothing my soles as the professionals are, but this could translate to SIGNIFICANT cost savings over time, especially considering that multiple sets come in each box which is quite the value for under $15.00 … and especially if they work out on my toes as well. I might actually keep a repair kit in my purse in case one pops off, because they are so easy to apply and shape that it wouldn’t take much to simply fix it and go which is another huge plus because it eliminates the need for another salon appointment.

    As a 90s teenager who suffered through the press on nails of the time, I am pleasantly surprised to be recommending this product! Keep in mind that I have not tried the glue method, and hope to be able to avoid it altogether, so my review is based solely on the adhesive tabs.

  3. wtpattpk

    These are the first press on nails I’ve purchased in years. The colors are so nice! They look like my natural nails on, but the “short” were still a little long for me. However, they clipped and filed beautifully. The only thing I didn’t like were the adhesive tabs. I couldn’t get them to work at all. Once you stuck them to the nail tip, I couldn’t peel off the other piece of plastic without holding the tab and ultimately having it stick to my finger that was holding it. Fortunately, this also came with classic glue, so I used that. I will be getting some solid glue gel to use in the future.

  4. DarknStormyCrafter

    I apply this with a gel x type technique and they last at least 2 full weeks under heavy stress. I make alot of things by hand, i wash my hands ALOT, I cook and do chores with them and haven’t had one issue except when I put them on wrong the first time (prep the nail bed, it’s not optional lol). I absolutely love this length. I need a 2nd box just in case cos these for me so perfectly

  5. Vanessa vega

    I have a large thumb nail. I usually use the size 0 or size 1 and the size 0 here was waaaayyy to small, i had so much space on each side. Unfortunate bc they looks cute

  6. lance and kierstyn george

    These are great tips and are my favorite to use!

  7. Natalie

    Perfect nail tips, could have one size bigger for the thumbs but other than that they work great

  8. Becky B

    I love this brand of nails! They’re not too high of an arch, which I found with other brands, so with glue, they adhere nicely to the natural nail. The description says they are short oval, but they are not what I consider short. I’ve added a picture with the clear nail over the nails I’d already cut and styled. As you can see, they are quite long, so when I have to cut them back, they lose that oval shape that I like so much. Too bad they don’t sell a super short brand.

  9. EMT

    These nails are so fire. This was my first time doing them so a bit of a learning curve but they’ve been holding up pretty well. I wore them long length the first 2 weeks and cut them down week 3 in hopes that they’ll start popping off lol The pic with the shorter nails is week 3. I didn’t expect them to last this long since it was my first time but I’m so excited about keeping my nails done. I made sure I did all the steps I saw others recommend such as removing cuticles, dehydrating, priming, curing a coat of gel glue and then flash curing when placing the nail and finally fully curing. I’m loving these! So satisfied!

  10. Kristian

    These nail tips are just right! Not too hard and not too flimsy. Just the right flexibility to prevent lifting at the nail plate if damaged but sturdy enough to meet high quality at a cheaper price

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