Belleboost Adjustable Acrylic Nail Clippers with Sizer and Catcher, Hot Pink Professional Dial Stainless Steel Blade Nail Tips Cutter, Artificial Fake Nail Trimmer, Manicure Tool for Salon Home

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Multiple Nail Tip Effects & Sharp Blade This nail clipper is designed with a U-shaped metal stopper which allows you to get 3 types of nail tips by adjusting the cutting angle: hold it at a 45° angle for round nails, 90° angle for square nails, and 135° angle for half cover nails. The rust-resistant blade is made of high quality stainless steel with good sharpness, which ensures long-lasting performance without burrs, splits or serrated edges. Nail Dial Measurement Our nail clipper is equipped with an upgraded fingernail sizer with 6 degrees of thickness. Simply rotate the dial and rest your long artificial nails against one branch of the dial, Clip, and then you can get nails in a fixed length. If you adjust it to another branch, you can get another length. It can efficiently save manicure time and make nail art more professional and relaxed. Nail Clipper Catcher The nail tips trapper helps to collect the cut-off acrylic nails and small fragments, ensuring a tidy and safe workspace, and an easy clean-up process. Ergonomic Curve Handle The nail clipper has curved handles for a comfortable grip, an ergonomic design that fits your palm perfectly, and a high-strength spring that enhances safety and efficiency during use. Trim your nails precisely and cushily with the nail cutter and enjoy a more satisfying manicure experience. A Professional Choice for Beginners & Manicurists The nail tool is suitable for all kinds of nail systems, such ABS false nails, gel nails, nail extensions, artificial full-cover tips or half cover tips, etc. This is a professional manicure tool that can be used by beginners and nail technicians alike. Whether you’re at a nail salon, beauty shop, or doing DIY nail art at home, you can quickly cut and shape false nails to your desired length and shape, saving you time. This nail clipper is an essential tool for any nail enthusiast.

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10 reviews for Belleboost Adjustable Acrylic Nail Clippers with Sizer and Catcher, Hot Pink Professional Dial Stainless Steel Blade Nail Tips Cutter, Artificial Fake Nail Trimmer, Manicure Tool for Salon Home

  1. LaToya


  2. Isabel Sambrano Carrasco

    At first glance it looks pretty even though it’s not really gold but more of a rose gold. But the problem is when you go to cut the nail tip the blade is very crooked might have to try to take it apart myself and attempt to straighten it. Not such great quality in my opinion.

  3. Letty Velazquez

    Not so great the cap to uptain the nail cut doesn’t seem to stay on while cutting the nail.

  4. Jeannette Rivera

    Sturdy, not flimsy.

  5. Tina

    The clippers are fairly priced and they get the job done, but don’t expect that plastic piece to stay on and catch nail clippings. There so nothing holding that plastic piece on so I can’t even use it without it flying off. Otherwise it was effective.

  6. Amazon Customer

    These feel a little flimsy but they cut my gel x nails perfectly. I like the catcher part although not super secure so it has fallen off and spilled everywhere. Size adjustment works pretty well and it’s easy to remove if you want to customize the length.

  7. DRG

    easy to use. catches the clippings.

  8. Claudia N.

    I liked that the adjustments have numbers to cut the nails.

  9. Cobra021498

    I like that I can easily clip my nails, and they are all the same length, I also like that my clipped nail pieces don’t fly in the air because they are caught in the plastic lid/cap behind it. I took off a star because that kid/cap doesn’t stay in place and comes off easily.

  10. Jammie

    These cutters don’t cut very short nails even on shortest setting. So I just use them as normal nail cutter without the sizer on. At least this one catches the clippings so I don’t have to hunt them down. I was hoping it would help me make a straighter cut too, but it really doesn’t help with that either, that’s up to how you angle your hand when you place your finger on it, so yeah, my hands are never going to be straight when I do them myself. These are no more helpful then the usual ones except this one has the cover. If that helps anyone out.

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