Clear Coffin Nail Tips Set, MORGLES 500pcs Long Nail Tips for Acrylic Nails Professional Half Cover Ballerina French Nail Tips Fake Nails Kit with Nail Glue, Clipper, Files, Cuticle Pusher and Fork

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10 reviews for Clear Coffin Nail Tips Set, MORGLES 500pcs Long Nail Tips for Acrylic Nails Professional Half Cover Ballerina French Nail Tips Fake Nails Kit with Nail Glue, Clipper, Files, Cuticle Pusher and Fork

  1. Derek Deasy

    Nail clippers are sharp and the accessories It comes with are nice. The tips themselves suck. Glue won’t hold them on. They are constantly popping off once we’ve got our dip powder on and done. My daughters were constantly falling off and we don’t have this problem with other tips; won’t be buying again.

  2. Morgan

    Hold onto your nail polish, folks, because I’ve unearthed the Holy Grail of nail artistry – the MORGLES Clear Coffin Nail Tips Set! It’s not just a nail kit; it’s a one-way ticket to nail nirvana, and it comes packed with more goodies than a unicorn’s treasure chest!

    Let’s talk quantity for a moment. You get a whopping 500 pieces of these clear coffin nail tips, and trust me, that’s enough to make even the most ambitious nail artist feel like they’ve stumbled upon a gold mine. It’s like a never-ending well of nail inspiration, just waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

    Now, onto the “Half Cover Ballerina French” design. It’s so chic that it’s practically French fashion week for your fingertips! With these tips, your nails will look more glamorous than a Hollywood red carpet event. Paparazzi might start chasing you down the street just to get a glimpse of your nails – be prepared!

    But wait, there’s more! This kit comes with nail glue that’s stickier than a detective on a juicy case. Once you’ve adorned your nails with these tips, they’re not going anywhere – they’re like the loyal sidekicks to your superhero persona.

    And let’s not forget the nail clipper, files, cuticle pusher, and fork! It’s like having a full-fledged nail salon at your fingertips – pun intended. You’ll be sculpting and pampering your nails like a pro, and your friends will wonder when you became a certified nail artist.

    In conclusion, the MORGLES Clear Coffin Nail Tips Set isn’t just a nail kit; it’s a passport to nail art excellence. It’s the ultimate expression of creativity for your fingertips, and it’s so versatile that even Picasso would be jealous of your nail artistry. So, nail enthusiasts of the world, unite and get your hands on this kit! Your nails will thank you with a standing ovation and maybe even a round of applause. Get ready to nail it, folks – the MORGLES way!

  3. luis

    good kit for price

  4. Chowe

    Very good value kit. Great bang for buck. The only reason I give it a 4 start is because the glue is horrible – you’ve gotta hold the nails on for a few minutes but boy once it’s on there it’s there to stay. Could’ve had better glue.

  5. Cari B

    Photo is the second set I put on. I bought this product to try to save money by doing my acrylic nails at home. Ive never done them before, but I’ve had them done so I knew the process, which is good, because it did not come with instructions. The first set I put on were poorly done (probably because I’ve never done them before). The kit came with two jars of White acrylic, one jar of an unnatural pink color that I don’t like so much (it’s kind of bright and makes it very obvious the nails are fake – that’s just my personal preference for them to look more realistic), 3 brushes, a cuticle cutter, one grinder and one buffer, and a small glass bowl to put the acrylic liquid in, stickers to help with building nails from scratch if you don’t want to use tips, and the liquid. it did NOT come with nail primer – which is kind of a big deal as the nails kind of pop off easily. I was able to pull the nails off just by hooking my other nails under and the whole nail just popped right off. The curing process is quick, so if you are beginner like me, aren’t sure exactly how it works, and need to make corrections in the acrylic, you have about 10-15 seconds (if that) before it starts to harden and you can no longer manipulate it. The nails themselves are strong and seem to be as good as anything else i’ve had put on, i just wish the primer was there. In their defense, it wasn’t listed in the product description, but i’m not sure how it can be a full acrylic kit without it. The product was delivered on time and the seller was good. I will probably purchase this kit again, because I do like most of the stuff in it with just the aforementioned asterisks.

  6. EM

    Good product but not could be stronger.

  7. Mike vader

    very pleased

  8. Rella

    These are just tips, they don’t extend very far over nailed and are super flexible. Will use until gone, but won’t be buying again.

  9. Frankie

    So the quality is good, love the tools it came with, but I’m not sure if I got the wrong kind or not because I got them and they’re sculpted. I wasn’t expecting that. I was just wanting ones that weren’t sculpted so I could just put some glue on and wear them, but when I tried that they keep popping off and I’m not sure if it was the glue as well but these definitely had a huge arch compared to my natural nail so I can’t wear these. But good to practice designs on anyway. So I’m going to just say maybe it was my fault for not knowing how to nail shop being a beginner? But I don’t see anywhere hinting that they’re sculpted? Maybe it’s just me idk. But if that’s what you’re going for, the quality is good they’re sturdy!

  10. Shonasia Robinson

    I haven’t used the set yet I am currently waiting on my polish to arrive. But I will say my nails aren’t that big they are medium size and these barely fit my nail beds. I had to make sure they fit okay before I decided to keep it.

    Aside from that I can appreciate the other goodies. The buffer will come in handy and I have been looking for a nail clipper like this.

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