KISS Everlasting Press On Nails, Nail glue included, String Of Pearls', French, Real Short Size, Squoval Shape, Includes 28 Nails, 2g Glue, 1 Manicure Stick, 1 Mini file

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Kiss Everlasting French Nail String Of Pearls Kit.

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10 reviews for KISS Everlasting Press On Nails, Nail glue included, String Of Pearls', French, Real Short Size, Squoval Shape, Includes 28 Nails, 2g Glue, 1 Manicure Stick, 1 Mini file

  1. Mariah

    Popped off a lot but reapplication was super easy. I was in Florida on a birthday trip and didn’t want to spend $80 to get my nails done so I bought these. I carried the glue with me in my purse so if one fell off I could just put it back on. Had to do that a few times but not a ton. If you apply the glue generously at the start and are mindful, they will stay on for three days no problems at all.

  2. Susan

    These glue on nails are my favorite. They are so easy to apply with the little tabs on the end. Also helps with getting them on correctly. I’ve used others without the tabs and got them on upside down (not good). They last me about 10 days.

  3. Deborah C. Barilla

    They look super natural, very pretty. They stayed on for almost a month. Make sure you roughen up your natural nails until there is no more shine left, then wipe them with alcohol. Also roughen up the inside of the fake nail and get rid of any dust it creates. I did not use the glue that came with the nails. I bought some brush on glue, mostly because it makes less of a mess. I love them!! Good Luck!

  4. C Reynolds

    These nails have been my go to for a simple every day nail. They are easy to put on and fit well. Mine never break or chip. I’ve had some pop off but discovered that was user error because I didn’t hold them on long enough to adhere and wasn’t using enough glue. The glue that comes with it is my favorite. I’ve kept a bottle for months and it never dried out. Perfect comfortable length. Not too thick or thin. 10/10 quality

  5. karen d

    With a bit of practice these nails can look as great as professional salon nails. However, I did apply a very special nail glue to make sure to get longer wear with these. They were great!!…it wasn’t until I decided to haul (wearing leather gloves of course) a bunch of wood into our cabin, that a couple popped off, but not a problem, just a bit of cleaning with some acetate and reaplied. Easy, Peasy. They’re good as new again. They look great!!

  6. Kindle Customer

    I have some pretty tiny nails and this brand works! They are shorter than some but I loved the length, maybe a quarter of an inch past my fingers. I could still type and do most things very easily.

    The color matched my natural nails and they looked very professional, clean, and feminine.

    If you prefer a more conservative look, these are for you. I highly recommend.

  7. MJ Dolce

    I have worn glue on nails for years. I use the glue on as opposed to the press on. These make your hands look and feel pretty. I received them after one day order. Within 10 minutes, I had the on. I am constantly washing my hands because we gave pets. They will stay on for 3 weeks. I have used different lengths for different occasions. Right now these are the short ones, they are really great for first time users. Again, these are really great and they are not expensive at all. I hope this helps everyone. They are very sturdy, and they do not chip.

  8. Amy M

    these are great and look wonderful. ordered the glue that is brush on but the nails arrived first so used the glue they came with. I have used their toe nails before for a week vacation and only one came off b/c I literally bumped my foot that was in an open toed shoe on a piece of furniture when someone bumped into me in a crowded room. I loved the toe nails and was super impressed. I had done yard work prior, had broken and ruined some of my toe nails so even a pedicure would not have helped. this was a great answer. as far as the nails I have the following steps as suggestions:
    1. first do the selection and nail sizes and lay them out. be sure they are small enough so there is no hanging over the nail on the skin but also not too small b/c if you have to push too hard to get the surfaces to align, they will “pop off” easier.

    2. then use ur phone “note” app or whatever else you use and write down the numbers of the nails you used for each finger. this makes the next time much easier to select and prevents you from having to go thru the sizing process all over again. when I use nails again, I will use same brand so even if you wanted to change up the color or style, etc, the numbers will be the same

    3. push back cuticles w/the little stick to get best fit

    4. use alcohol pad to clean nail surface to free of any oils or debris

    5. use file to texture the surface a bit so that it is not too smooth. they don’t have to be filed down to any extreme, just a little rough texture makes it stick better

    6. use glue to cover surface of your own nail. that is where you want the fake nail to stick so your own nail provides the perfect surface and amount. helps w/ air bubbles too

    7. use the little tab at the end of the fake nail to help align to your nail and press down for at least 5 seconds.

    8. repeat for each and when all done, then go back to the first nail applied and twist off the little tab at the end. use the file to smooth the little rough spot left from where the tab was attached.

    9. put the little glue somewhere w/you so that if one suffers a casualty, you will be able to glue back on

    may I also suggest buying two packs. each nail size only has 2 (one of each hand) so once you get your sizes, there are not really any usable ones “left over”. although some of the other sizes would work if truly needed, the sizes picked are of course the best fit. its a great price to get 2 packs and have one as a back up in case any come off and get lost. many times if one comes off, it can just be glued back on but there are times it will get lost or you may look down and realize one came off and won’t even be sure when it happened. this way the back up back will have 2 of each nail for any mishaps. so the “back up” pack could be used twice for each size if that makes sense.

    looks wise: they look just like the salon and its really nice. as far as holding up, I have not used the nail ones until now but used the toes before as I had stated and they lasted about a week as far as the glue, etc. the durability is not as good as the salon but would not expect it to be. for as much as I type and use my hands, when the salons open I will most likely go back to my dip powder as I don’t have to worry ever about that coming off. but these are a great alternative and will always have a pack and back up pack on hand in case they are needed. very good product for DIY and the price is what is even better! can’t go wrong

  9. Amazon Customer

    I work in Healthcare and I am constantly washing my hands. Had these nails on for 5 days and they are still on. I love these nails and will continue to buy them.

  10. Gretchen Kurz

    Though I started using these during the pandemic when my nail salon was locked down, I’ve been using them ever since. They look SO real, folks don’t believe me when I say they’re not. This brand offers the petite size that fits me best, but I’ve used larger sizes when the petite is out of stock. I use nail glue alone. A dot of glue on the nail AND the natural nail works just fine, but don’t use too much or it won’t seal well. Yes, they pop off some times but are ez to replace. They hold on for a week or even two on less used fingers like ring and pinkie.

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