MEKK Nail Glue, Super Strong Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails Long Lasting Professional Nail Tip Glue for Press on Nails Bond for Acrylic Nails Adhesive Nail Glue for False Nail Tips 0.07OZ/PCS(12PCS)

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10 reviews for MEKK Nail Glue, Super Strong Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails Long Lasting Professional Nail Tip Glue for Press on Nails Bond for Acrylic Nails Adhesive Nail Glue for False Nail Tips 0.07OZ/PCS(12PCS)

  1. Ms. Gordon

    Bought these six months ago and still haven’t used all of the pack. Really good glue, can get very messy when not careful, meaning the glue works really well lol.

  2. Shopping addict

    Good adhesion.. accidentally glued my scissors together lol had to buy a new pair

  3. BM

    Great quality! Great price!

  4. Toni aurora

    This is the one and only glue I use for nails it’s perfect it don’t have a string odor and it sticks within seconds if applying it to nail bed and nail tip even if you were to notice your nail tip is a abit crucket you s have time to correct it and you don’t have to add more glue it’s perfect and the only nail glue I use

  5. Ronishia

    This nail glue worked for me and was super easy to apply. You don’t need much because when it’s in place it stays there. It dries quickly so don’t get it on your skin or clothes. I used it on my false toenails and they lasted two almost three weeks in and out of tennis shoes. I am purchasing again.

  6. Amazon Customer

    So I bought this thinking it was going to be a weak nail glue like all the other ones… wrong! It’s super strong, held my press on nails for over a week and a half without any issues and even took a while of soaking in soapy water to get off (it peeled my actual nails off/broke them/made them bleed when I tried to take them off.) That may have been human error and I might have added too much bc I believed it was weak glue so I am giving it a high review but please we warned that if you add too much, it will definitely harm your nails and be difficult to take off. As for the original purpose I got it for-it did amazing! Kept my nails on through grueling workouts, 2 extremely energetic dogs and playing outside with them, accidental injuries (they didn’t come off!!!) and all the normal day to day wear and tear and washing my hands a million times along with other chores. This is the real thing so be mindful of how much you add to your nails and know you’re in it for the long haul because this isn’t the lousy nail glue you and I are both used to using. I learned the hard way, you don’t have to! I absolutely love how great it is and the price for the amount you get can’t be beat! Just be mindful of the amount you add when applying nails! (Again, human error, not company but I wish they would include how to remove nails with the least damage. I had to go based on other reviews. After a while of wearing them, soapy water (warm-hot water with both hand soap and dish detergent along with some physical labor got them off but I don’t know if this would work sooner than a week and it did damage my nails enough to where I cannot apply new ones for another week at least due to damage to my actual nails.)

    So 5 ⭐️ for strength/doing its job but 3/4 ⭐️ due to the damage it causes to your actual nails. I do have weak nails so that could have played a part as well.

    Moral of the story.. this glue is the legit thing! Be careful when using it! Great product, just maybe not the best for my nails! Still great though!

  7. Jalisa Zambrana

    Great nail glue with the best hold. I’ve tried several brands but this is by far the best and the price is amazing! I’m able to apply tips no problem with fast drying time. Little individual tubes are great as the glue is so good I can go 4-5 weeks with my nails so to not waste glue the small tubes work perfect. Also the size of the tubes make it great for portability to take on the go! These can truly be used for any quick fix if need be.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I really like these little vials of nail glue. Each one lasts a long time without drying out and holds my press on nails for a long time. Very strong. Just be careful getting on skin cause it does stick and fast.

  9. Sara

    Dry fast
    And adhesive. Perfect portable size
    Just need pin every time to insert for better flow so ease of use. I changed the nail color on same stick nails. 7th day and still works great. I use gloves when washing dishes.

  10. sakeenah aleem

    Wow! My nails kept popping off after a few days when I used the glue from the store. I bought this and my nail sets now stay on for almost a month!!! I have to use acetone to soak them off. Great for my wallet. Be mindful how much glue you use.

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