Modelones Acrylic Nail Kit, Acrylic Nail Set with 4 Colors Acrylic Powder, Monomer Acrylic Nail Liquid, Rhinestone Glue, Acrylic Nail Brush, Gel Top Coat and Nail Primer for Acrylic Nail Supplies

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10 reviews for Modelones Acrylic Nail Kit, Acrylic Nail Set with 4 Colors Acrylic Powder, Monomer Acrylic Nail Liquid, Rhinestone Glue, Acrylic Nail Brush, Gel Top Coat and Nail Primer for Acrylic Nail Supplies

  1. shopaholic

    This kit does have everything you need to get the job done. But I am not too fond of the light, it’s hard to hold the tip in place in such a compact space resulting in nails-that have air pockets resulting tip easily pop off and water getting trapped in the pockets causing fungus. if clamps is included with the kit, the light wouldn’t be so bad, it would be easy to maneuver the finger’s when the tip is secured by the clamps. The light is able to cure the gel properly. All in all it’s good-for learning, to practice with and for emergency fixes when you can’t go to a salon. Definitely need to buy clamps..

  2. Victoria Alejandra

    Me sirvio para hacer uñas cuadradas y almond, pegan bien si tienes el cuidado necesario

  3. Emily

    The nails are super durable and strong, the top and bottom coat are super good quality for the price, I repurchased the top coat once I ran out. Nail file has lasted me a whole year and still has life to it. I really love the UV light, it works so quickly to dry nail glue and is super lightweight/not bulky, great for individual nails.

  4. Mac Square<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text">


    I work in a job with a lot of heavy manual labor, and do a lot of construction based hobbies. I have very weak nails, and got SNS for a long time just so they wouldn’t break. I got really tired of going to nail salons and waiting a really long time even when i had booked an appointment and arrived on time. I was about to give up when I came across these. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID!!JUST BUY THEM!

    If you prep your nails and apply these properly they will last! I have had these on for a week now, and that is longer then any other glue on, stick on, polygel, or any other at home option you can think of. I have tried at home a acrylic and dip, and this outlasts those by far! Most false nails only last 3-4 days max with my lifestyle.

    I only had 2 nails pop off within in the first 24 hours, and that was due to user error of having air bubbles in the glue when i cured the nails on. Other then that, these have not budged. My nail got stuck on something this week and it felt like my nail was going to be ripped out of my finger, but the glued on nail stayed strong and wasn’t damaged at all!

    I am so impressed with this product i dont think I’ll ever go to the nail salon again. These are so fast and easy to apply, are strong, look great, and truly outlast anything I’ve tried. I really put these nails through it this week, and highly recommend this product. GIRL BUY IT <3

    The photos are after 1 week, please excuse my crazy nail polish, i was comparing colors🤪

  5. Shantia Hamilton

    Okay if you’re like me and love everything nails, and willing to try new trends or if you’re a DIY’er then this is the product for you my friend. When I say it’s easy and quick to use, it’s has everything you need to achieve that salon look – minus the polish- then this is it!!!! You’ll thank me later 😉

  6. Nancyschmancy

    This is NOT a paid review…

    I was excited to get these. Just two days after ordered, I could hardly wait to use them. Very simple to apply. Picked out my sizes and set them aside. Used dehydrator (my own) and primer (provided in kit) prior to applying the 4-in-1 nail glue. If you can paint your nails, you can do this!

    Applied glue, placed nail tip and cured under provided lamp for two cycles, (approximately 60 seconds). Clipped to length with provided clippers and filed to my preference. Then I added the Lily & Fox “stickers” (I am not affiliated with them in any way. Just a long time customer.) Then I applied a top coat.

    I must say that I absolutely love how they turned out. Once painted/decorated they are beautiful!!

    I have had to re-glue 3 nails the same day of application, but I chalk that up to not enough glue. I expected this; learning curve and all…

    Twenty-four hours, they feel solid and strong, like they may last for quite some time. I would definitely recommend this product to any and all who wish to not go to a salon and still have strong beautiful nails. For this reason I would give them a strong 5 star review! Great product!

    However… my fingernails feel like they have been smashed in a door, especially my little fingernails. They feel bruised and are burning. I have used Modelones products for a couple of years, i.e., gels, polygels, base and top coats, etc., and I have not had any issues before. The only thing that makes sense is that I am having an issue with the glue. It is certainly NOT a product issue. So, with this information, I would highly recommend that when you use this product, only apply one nail and wait a half an hour or so. I know, its hard, but nails on fire for 24 hours sucks!! I will be removing them today. 😪

    Again, super easy to apply and they are be-you-tiful!! And I highly recommend them. Just please, do one test nail first!! You will not be sorry!!

    Thanks for reading this to the end. Enjoy!!

    UPDATE: I applied these nail tips on Sunday, today is Wednesday… I did not remove them. The burning sensation in my little fingers has subsided. The nails are still tender to touch, but no longer throbbing. I would highly recommend only putting one nail tip on and waiting a little while before applying all of them. Again, I would most definitely recommend this product. They are beautiful.

    2nd UPDATE: I had 2 nails pop off today. (See picture above.) Absolutely no damage to my fingernails. You can see the glue on my nails, but no peeling. Would I use these again? You bet! I’ll apply a gel basecoat and topcoat first to hopefully prefent the irritation. Oh, and this second update is 8 days after application and I am not gentle with them. I cook, clean, wash dishes, tend to my critters, scratch my head, etc. (Head scratching is wonderful, by the way,) but they are never babied. I just glue them back on and continue on with life. No pain with the pop off either. Try them. They are wonderful!!

  7. Amazon Customer

    The little light does only one finger at a time. The quality of the nails is great and the other product work great.

  8. mag

    Absolutely worth your money, they’re awesome. The kit is a 10 out of 10.

  9. Courtney

    I’ve tried a lot of nails and these are by far the best. They are sturdy and last for weeks but don’t destroy the nail bed. Will continue to buy!

  10. Moriah

    This is not paid a review, but these actually work beautifully. Many comments said they fall off super easily, but I didn’t experience that. In fact, it took me almost an hour to successfully soak one nail off. After one of my nails broke, I attached a single extension to keep my mani looking fresh. It stayed on for 2 and a half weeks until I took it off. What I did to achieve that was to apply dehydrator and then primer to my buffed natural nail, add a thin layer of glue (also to my natural nail), and cure for 15 seconds. I also buffed the inside of the nail extension I would apply and added dehydrator and primer. I then added a layer of glue on the inside plus a large bead at the bottom of the nail. Next, I applied it to my broken nail, bottom first, at a 45 degree angle and then pressed down the rest of the way until my natural nail was completely covered. If you added the proper amount of glue, it shouldn’t come out of the sides of the extension, but if it does, dip a wide brush in acetone or alcohol and wipe away before curing. Make sure there are no bubbles in the glue and then apply consistent pressure under the included UV light for 30 seconds. After that’s done, you can let go and do a full cure for 60-90 seconds. You can then follow with a buff and application of dehydrator and primer on top of the extension as you would with your regular nails and shape/paint as desired. My nail didn’t budge once after doing this! The first time, I left the full length of the nail as that fit the length of the rest of my natural nails (the white set). You can’t really tell which one is the fake. I just used this product for a second time, and I cut and shaped the extension to match my now filed down nails and it looks so natural (black and neutral set). Again, only one is an extension!

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