Modelones Medium Almond Nail Tips – 500Pcs Pre-shaped Half Matte Full Cover Acrylic Gel Kit False Nail Tip Press on Nails for Nail Extension DIY Salon

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10 reviews for Modelones Medium Almond Nail Tips – 500Pcs Pre-shaped Half Matte Full Cover Acrylic Gel Kit False Nail Tip Press on Nails for Nail Extension DIY Salon

  1. Daynel Caldwell

    Beginner friendly. I love them

  2. Bonnbar3

    I like these over the short ones I have. Sometimes the short ones are too short when the small tip fits right. These only need to be filed a little to be short.. I like that they are a bit overly pointed for an Almond nail because when product is put on it fills them out and less filing to do.

  3. Laura Schexnayder

    lasted 4 weeks…no lifting.

  4. Nerdy Chic

    I have all of brands for times. This needs a larger thumb size. All the others fit fine.

  5. Martha L.

    purchased these for the first time for my gel extensions. I love them they have variety of sizes, are separated and have size number. I tend to have small fingers and these had great size variety. ive purchased from other sellers and they were huge on me. these are perfect.

  6. Sophia Y.

    It’s really bad!! 0/10

  7. Farah

    I love this product because it’s easy to soak off, it’s sturdy, you can see if there’s any air bubbles when you’re actually applying the nails. There’s not too much space, but just enough for the nail gel glue for gel X nails to go. If you apply them right for me, they have lasted around two weeks before they start to pop off. The base of the nail is not too thin, but not too thick, so it is not look terrible when they grow out. The photo that I inserted is the actual length of the nails by themselves not filed down or shaped. I did apply glitter gel but you get the idea. I highly recommend these false nails.

  8. Hannah

    These seem to last me longer than a regular nail, but my nail beds are excessively oily, so they only last me about 4 days. Compared to the regular 2 days, I’d say these are good. I use a dehydrater and nail prep and that still doesn’t seem to help so I have started to do acrylic dip nails. But even doing those I can use these as nail tips by cutting of part of the time with a “u” shaped nail cutter.

  9. Dyer

    This is the medium almond. Sizes are great. They’re a little thinner than I’d prefer but once cured under the light they don’t bend. Not crazy about the fact the numbers are on the underside tip of the nail it’s cool that they’re numbered so you can get the same size for each hand. But with the number on the underside tip I can’t wear the more sheer nail polis without it showing through. Then if you file it off with the electric nail file it looks all scratched up. Not a deal breaker though. Would def buy again

  10. Sonaly Jimenez

    These are amazing I have small nail beds and these work amazing usually they run so big and I waste so many but with these I can make them all work! I highly recommend

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