Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit – Acrylic Powder and Professional Acrylic Liquid set for Acrylic Nails Extension for Beginner DIY at Home 3 Colors

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10 reviews for Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit – Acrylic Powder and Professional Acrylic Liquid set for Acrylic Nails Extension for Beginner DIY at Home 3 Colors

  1. Nanette Decosmo

    I do my own nails, this is a great starter kit

  2. Payton

    Hard to get used to but practice makes perfect!

  3. Aiden

    So most of the items are sealed and new but when I opened the box I smelled chemicals, I checked the liquid bottle and it was clean and sealed and didn’t smell so I checked the rest and the smell came from the cup as though it had been used previously, the brushed also smell like the chemical but don’t look used so idk why this happened but the cup is used, it’s also dusty inside. And the instruction booklet is dirty.

  4. Irving Booth

    My only problem which I think is my fault for not knowing I didn’t order the white acrylic set which is what I wanted for pink and white. As a beginner doing my own nails I did an amazing job on my first full set I choose to use A108 all over my nails. the containers are small but it gets the job done for the price I and pleased I topped it with a clear coat and they’re beautiful.

  5. Danielle C

    So I’ve been waiting and waiting to get this product. I’ve wanted it for so long!! I finally decide to get it for an upcoming party I’m going to over the weekend. I get it quicker than it’s supposed to be here I nearly rip into this thing. Soon as I pick up the box I notice a smell, I look around I’m like wow what’s that smell? I mean it was strong. So I figured oh great my product is busted or something. Oh no, on the contrary.. it’s in ANOTHER SMALLER BOX! That’s how strong the smell is. Ok. So I open that box and the smell is so bad I nearly instantly get a headache. I don’t even care I wanna use this product so I keep pushing forward with it. I use the product and after about 4 tries I finally get a mail to look like nail. However the smell is so bad it’s burning my throat and giving me a headache.
    I paint my nails every single day and usually use acrylics, but this I just can’t deal.

    Fair warning y’all you can love this product and buy it like those of us that’s left reviews BUT!! If u do you CANNOT RETURN IT!!

    That’s ok I guess because I’ll forget about the smell and use it again I’m sure. But omg. I’ll have to be outside with a mask on lol. Just to strong for me

  6. Brandy barr

    The media could not be loaded.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Really happy with this. Especially the brushes. You can use the acrylic powder for so long

  8. Katlynn Terry

    Did my cousin and my nails and am satisfied with how natural the pink is to your actual nail. I’m not a pink person. So it was a plus for me.

  9. Marycatherine

    Didn’t work as well

  10. Delilah

    I do acrylic nails and recently ran out of my monomer and powders. I didnt feel like spending so much money on Mia Secret, which is my usual brand i buy from, so i found this item. I didnt read the reviews because i thought for 15 dollars this stuff would be great and worth the money. 2 days after purchasing i got the package and the monomer reeked. Through 2 boxes. I opened the 2nd box and saw that the 3 acrylic powders were extremely small and the monomer was no different. I tried all of the powders and the white felt chalky and gross. I went to read the the reviews and i found out I should’ve read the reviews🤦‍♀️. Good for beginners and fine for its price.

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