Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit with Drill and U V Light – Clear White Pink Acrylic Powder Acrylic Liquid Black Red White Gel Nail Polish Nail Tools Acrylic Nail Kit for Nail Art Acrylic Nails Gel Nails DIY

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10 reviews for Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit with Drill and U V Light – Clear White Pink Acrylic Powder Acrylic Liquid Black Red White Gel Nail Polish Nail Tools Acrylic Nail Kit for Nail Art Acrylic Nails Gel Nails DIY

  1. IboughtfromAmazon

    I have been slowly purchasing Salviland products as I was impressed with their chrome powder set almost a year ago. I wanted to compare their gels and acrylic powder to ones I already use. I am looking forward to testing them out over the weekend. So far I have been impressed with everything I have gotten this far except for the gel polish pens. They didn’t provide the coverage I was looking for or it could have been user error. I thought I would like them as I have liked everything else. If they came in a different kit I might try them again. I gave them away to a co worker who wanted to play around with gel polish. So we shall see. She’s a cosmetologist. I just learned by doing years ago. But would recommend this kit as it has everything and then some to get started.

  2. danielle farr

    Daughter writing this review through my mom’s account, here!

    I ordered this as a beginner nail tech, since I’m in beauty school and just now getting serious about making a career for myself in doing nails, and wanted a starter kit to practice and play around with.
    Overall, I’m pretty impressed! Granted, it’s more of a “For Beginners Learning Nail Stuff” thing than “A Professional Thing For Your Career”, but everything it comes with really is great.

    Overall, I love it; it came with everything I needed, and just the right sizes of each.

    EXCEPT… For the UV light.

    The light was a LOT smaller than anticipated, and is only the size of about ALMOST half my hand. Though still usable in a pinch (AND if you let your fingers take turns between cures), I thought it would be at least a little bit bigger, at least to where I could put my whole hand in in one go.

    The size of the lamp alone was just a tiny bit disheartening, but overall? I can’t complain about anything else!

    Aside from the lamp, this kit is absolutely perfect! I highly recommend any beginner to buy, however, I would also recommend investing in a bigger UV lamp than the one this kit comes with. You’ll really need it if you want to cure the gel on more fingers than maybe 3 at a time… XD

    TL;DR: Kit’s great and met all of my expectations, but I’d suggest shelling out maybe $10-20 for a bigger lamp than the one this kit comes with, because it is very, VERY small.

  3. Nicole

    Im.obsessed with these powders this brand is a good brand I’ve found for a good price on Amazon it’s basically salon quality and goes on well, the cheaper options don’t work as well but you get what you pay for and this brand is worth it

  4. malkia holmes

    I’m just starting to get into doing nails and this is good for me. I’ll be buying more

  5. Angelita Tierrablanca

    Love it!

  6. Haven’t used yet but good for beginners

    Honestly it’s good for beginners if your not tryna spend to much money but the dryer dose not work and the acrylic liquid dryers weird almost like gooey it’s don’t rest dry but other than that it’s pretty good

  7. Octavia Wallace<span class="a-icon a-profile-verified-badge"><span class="a-profile-verified-text">

    this really includes everything from a lamp to a drill to little of everything. acrylic and gel and nail art. even the acrylic liquid and brushes. i was very happy with the amount of stuff and the Variety. this would be perfect for a beginner who wants to get everything in one kit.

  8. Finderzkeeperz

    Really good for beginners. Ima sahm trying to still look cute without breaking the bank and I don’t have time to go to the salon. This kit comes with everything you’ll need. I would recommended buying a nail tip cutter and nail tips. It comes with nails but it’s the type that covers your whole nail like the ones people use for gel x so I had to adjust it. My only complaint would be the brushes it comes with doesn’t really work with you so I will be ordering that separately too. But overall it’s great for beginners like me! My first set using acrylic wasn’t too bad

  9. lilian

    i would definitely recommend looking for a different kit, the decoration aspects are good. you need to buy a stronger light, as the nail polish doesn’t dry down even after 3 rounds, i personally didn’t like the dip brushes at all, they are pointed rather than round which makes application way harder than necessary. the drill is not bad but it doesn’t have numbers on the speed which makes it hard to control the strength, but it does it’s job. i think for the price you could find better

  10. Catherine.

    It’s def worth every penny! However , I would get different acrylic brushes cause the product sticks so bad to these ones. I’m new at this so it could just be me and what I’m doing but I’ve been watching and learning on YouTube so I highly doubt it’s just me. Everything works great!! The UV light is mini but it does what it needs to do. I’m very happy with my order!! I will be getting new brushes though. If your starting out I’d say get this kit.

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