Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit with Nail Drill: Professional 0.5Oz Clear/White/Pink Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set with Nail Drill Acrylic Nail Brush, Nails Kit Acrylic Set for Beginners DIY & Nail Salon

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10 reviews for Saviland Acrylic Nail Kit with Nail Drill: Professional 0.5Oz Clear/White/Pink Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set with Nail Drill Acrylic Nail Brush, Nails Kit Acrylic Set for Beginners DIY & Nail Salon

  1. Ramona Cox

    i do my own pedicures and i do acrylic on my big toe bc it cracks and chips easy this set is pefect it so easy to work with im a beginner and ive tried other brands and this is the best yet!

  2. Amazon Customer

    I only needed an overlay of my short nails to strengthen them. They were easy to file and smooth out. I am happy with this purchase so far. I painted with my gel nail system I bought on Amazon. I will fill them in as they grow out. I don’t do well with nail tips.

  3. Daniellaaguon

    Super cute and simple set. I just needed this cute set to do my toes for a reasonable price. It comes with so much seen in the pictures.

  4. maureen guerrin

    This is a good price for a beginner kit. Had everything. The only thing is , you have to practice a lot. I have had my nails acrylic for 25 yrs. thought they needed a rest. Found out they were very thin and fragile. getting expensive to have it done so I tried this. Not bad but you have to practice.

  5. yessika barbosa

    Excelente pigmentación tonos hermosos y de gran calidad sin duda alguna son unos excelentes acrílicos desde su presentación completamente hermosa sin dudarlo

  6. Love this notebook. I bought for my college student and it is wonderful using the app to make flash cards. Great purchase!

    This is just what I expected. I’m not a professional so my work is not the best but the product is all I could want to fix a broken nail or for a quick fill.

  7. Lola Bean

    I’ve been doing my own acrylics for 20 years or more, and this is by far one of the best kits I’ve used. This comes with really Quality items, instead of cheap brushes and low grit/ low quality Emory boards, like the ones in say, a Kiss set. I’ll be able to use these multiple times as long as they are cleaned properly. The chemical scent is actually the lowest potency I’ve ever smelled and the polymer and monomer together are beautifully moldable, buildable and correctable. It tacks and dries quickly but adding a little bit of liquid to the brush enables one to continue working with the acrylic once it gets too tacky. It’s also one of the easier acrylics to file once dry, as it doesn’t file away too quickly and disintegrate into dust, nor does it take forever to shape. This stuff is dang near perfect, if it isn’t already, in my personal opinion. I’m definitely going to be trying more of their colours [glow ones next!] as, I am still after all these years, awful at painting my nails, even if I am good at the acrylic part myself. 😅

    I will say, the only downside was it didn’t come with tips. I find starting a new set always works best with tips. Since I’ve been doing my nails for so long, I had plenty, but make sure you buy some for this product, as the $10 kit did not come with any.

    The colour I tried first is Nude and is so lovely, I just put a clear coat over [see pic]. The colour is solid and doesn’t marble. I did have some warmth from the poly and monomers reaction when too much was put over a nail, but cooled quickly with a little blow on the nail bed.

    All in all, I think I’ve found my fave acrylic set yet and will definitely be trying the glow acrylic next.

  8. Alexandria

    It’s very hard to free-form the acrylic nails. The stickers kept pulling away from my nails and skin, breaking the tip away from my natural nail. I had some acrylic tips I glued on and was able to use. The acrylic dries quickly and looks great!

  9. sarah coleman

    I just started getting acrylic nails, I love them but they’re so expensive .. so I decided t(like everything else in my life)to save money and learn to do it myself. This is my first attempt and only by watching my nail tech. It came out decent… but now I think it will get easier . Staus in for a long time and it’s string material. Fun

  10. Lala

    I’m a beginner and this has been the easiest powder to work with.

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