Short Press On Nails,Teenitor 360Pcs Matte Acrylic Short Square Fake Nails Full Cover, Glitter Press-On False Nails, Short Press On Manicure

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10 reviews for Short Press On Nails,Teenitor 360Pcs Matte Acrylic Short Square Fake Nails Full Cover, Glitter Press-On False Nails, Short Press On Manicure

  1. Amazon Customer

    Love the varying colors and sizes! The each section comes with a few glitter nails but those are consistently the same size throughout the pack.

    The glue is, in my opinion, the same type of glue you’d get as a kid when you purchased press on nails from the drug store. I bought glamnetic glue separately and it works great with these nails!

    All about technique. My first set, I had nails pop off all the time. Second one a little better. By the third set I was scoring and buffing my nails appropriately before adhering the glue (to both my nail and the fake nail).

    Make sure to wash off the nail dust and dry completely before applying!

    I’ve already bought another set of these. Love them!

  2. Cat

    So I get press ons because I like to change my nail color often but my own nails are brittle and I pick at them.

    They came as the ad stated. I put these on Tuesday night, and it’s now Friday and they still look great (unlike the last brand I bought!) which surprised me because I’m rough on my hands!!

    I like them and have different styles in my cart now.

    Not too long. Not to short. I haven’t tried the glue yet

  3. Rebecca Jenkins

    These nails a beautiful, color is great and they last for at least / weeks. This is my 3rd set and the only issue o have had is that they are quite flexible. As you can see in the picture I have had to cute some of them down because they have bent at the ends and leave a white make. I do live these nails and will buy again.

  4. Jen

    Very good nails and glue ! Perfect Nail set !

  5. Alyssa

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  6. Alisha Miller

    I like that these came with a thinner option. It forms well to the nail. I used different glue, but overall great product for the price!

  7. Jess

    Took 5-10 minutes to apply. Super easy with the brush on glue that is included. The nails seem to be sturdy, as far as thickness goes. They aren’t as thick as an acrylic or dip powder nail would be, but they are thicker than the glue-on nails I’ve bought in the past. It seems there is one set from each color that will fit my nails, so I will have a hodgepodge of colors left over for a few mismatched manis. Great deal!

  8. Julia Strozier

    Yaaasss honey! I slapped these babies on and instantly transformed from a basic Becky into a glamorous, claw-bearing goddess. Teenitor’s press-on nails took me to the next level of fabulousness with their short square shapes and on-trend matte finishes.

    As soon as I pressed these mystical plastic tips onto my stubby, sad natural nails, I felt a rush of slay queen power surge through me. I went from meek millennial to a selfie-taking, Instagram-posting, hashtag-dropping social media star in seconds flat. Hashtag GOALS!

    With 360 glitzy, glossy, and graphic polished nails to choose from, I can mix and match to create a variety of looks. Whether I’m feeling the quiet storm of neutrals and nudes or an extroverted explosion of rainbows and glitter, Teenitor’s got me covered – literally, in gorgeous nail realness!

    The adhesive tabs keep these claws locked into place for days, though I switch them constantly to stay on top of the latest nail art trends. And removing them is a breeze with the included stickers.

    So if you’re ready to unleash your inner diva, do yourself a favor and grab these press-on nails stat. You can thank me later when people are begging to know where you got your slammin’ talons! Hashtag YaaasHunty!

  9. SjaneS

    They looked nice at first but within three days the matte had begun to peel. I removed them after a week because they looked so bad. I wish I’d taken a picture. I will probably use them again because I have so many but I was NOT impressed.

  10. Nel

    Love that it comes with so many colors. I just put them on but so far so good: nice and study. Length Is nice and they aren’t bendy like some brands. I used the glue from the kit and they are glued down really well. We’ll see how they hold for the week! So far I’m
    satisfied and would buy again. I have really small nail beds and they all fit on my hand too

    Update: the nails are still worth buying however you should use your own nail glue like Kiss brand. They will lift the same day. Glue works ok if you’re only wearing them for the day.

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