TOMICCA Extra Short Coffin Nail Tips – 450Pcs Full Cover, Soft Acrylic Fake Gel Nail Tips for Nail Extension, 15 Sizes Pre-shaped Double-sided Matte with Box

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10 reviews for TOMICCA Extra Short Coffin Nail Tips – 450Pcs Full Cover, Soft Acrylic Fake Gel Nail Tips for Nail Extension, 15 Sizes Pre-shaped Double-sided Matte with Box

  1. W.P.Fernandez

    These are very nice, come pre etched and seem to be good quality. They are indeed soack off, although I would still advice to file down as much as you can before soaking off. They are longer than I want, so I have to cut them a bit, but the measurements are accurate to what it says in amazon. They are also flatter than other tips Ive seen but they are still a bit too arched for my flatter nails. However, Im pretty new at applying gel tips, as you will see in my pictures, so I have more to learn.

  2. Caitlin Schiller

    These nails are the perfect length for those want want some length but not too much. Easy for beginners to work with and the no file part made the manicure go quickly!

  3. Barbara Ann

    I started making my own set of nails and decided to give these a try. I have short nail beds so this size was perfect for me. These are the coffin extra short. I wore them with glue tabs so I could pop them off and reuse. Durable, natural looking, and sizing was easy. I like the amount of sizes offered to get a perfect fit. The only thing I didn’t like was the twist off option because even after filing that part down, which was easy, you see it a little bit on the underside of the nail. It’s not a deal breaker for me. I ordered more. The pros outweighed that one con. Still five stars for me. Maybe I’ll get better at filing that piece down. And the price is great for the amount you get. Painting them was easy. They look very natural. I even made sets for my nieces to wear for my daughters wedding, last pic. I highly recommend these.

  4. kenna

    i was skeptical to try these after using a different brand for so long. they didn’t disappoint! it’s only been about 4 days with them on, but they’ve stayed very sturdy. i got the short coffin (i think?), and still ended up filing them down just a bit. having them already textures saved me some time as well. i use beetles nail glue with led light to apply them. would recommend!

  5. Brandy E

    I bought a set from a different brand previously and the thumb nails were rounded and would not work for my nail shape. This set has flatter edges for thumbs. These nails are great! They have all the sizes I need and tend to last until I decide to take them off. First time I’ve ever had nails on that didn’t pop off within a day or two. The nails are very strong and do not bend at the tips. Very happy with them 🙂

  6. Chrissy W

    Good set for price. Durable but also still soft, natural feel.

  7. Selena

    I didn’t have high hopes for these at first considering I’ve tried plenty of press ons and they all fall off relatively easy under pressure. I have been using the glamnetic glue and that works wonderfully. When I recieved these, they were packaged so nicely and the sizes could not fit my nails any better! I mean I have been getting compliments left and right. I used gel polish which definately helps the glue more too under the UV light. They literally look like I got them done at a salon. I could not recommend these more!

  8. K.C

    love the length love the thickness. There’s east to work with. I’m going to buy so many more

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  10. Harry G

    Had a wedding to go to and of course 2 nails broke on me so I was only going to use 2 nails but did an entire set. I still filed the edges a bit bc I thought they were sharp enough to scratch the skin or even get stuck of fabric or washing my hair. Easy to apply, I used brush on glue

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